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Why have India, Canada tensions worsened? | Explained


Suhasini Haider

September 26, 2023

US will be India's best natural ally for a 100 years; world needs to prepare for 7% Fed rate: JPM boss Jamie Dimon

MC Govardhana Rangan, Bodhisatva Ganguli & Joel Rebello

September 26, 2023

AI, An Amplifier Of Human Intelligence

Tom Coughlin

March 23, 2023

The Russia-Ukraine conflict, explained

By Jen Kirby and Jonathan Guyer

February 23, 2022

Future Of Cryptocurrency in 2022 and Beyond

By Ryan Haar

January 22, 2022

What Is Blockchain?

By Kendall Little

August 12, 2021

Four years of GST - the hits and misses

CA Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner

AMRG & Associates

June 30, 2021

Recent Amendments in Minimum Alternate Tax

CA Himanshu Garg, Associate at

AMRG & Associates

May 01, 2021

GST on Bitcoin

CA Rajat Mohan, Senior partner & CA Swati Ghoshal, Partner

January 29, 2021

GST Vices in Retail Shops Which will Reprimand Someone

CA Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner & CA Priyanka Sachdeva (Partner)
AMRG & Associates

May 06, 2020

Blocked Credit on Immovable Property for Hospitality Industry - Time to Rethink?

CA Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner & Priyanka Sachdeva, Partner

AMRG & Associates


December 30, 2020

State Wise GST Collection Analysis in COVID-19

CA Rajat Mohan & CA Swati Ghoshal

December 01, 2020

Can a GST Officer Physically Abuse Taxpayer

CA Rajat Mohan, Senior Partner

AMRG & Associates 

November 09, 2020